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insane in the membrane? OH Yes! Cypress Hill! Stickin up for potheads everywhere!

Man, I'm too pussy for drugs... plus I have some genetic reasons that kind of profess that drugs aren't a good idea for me.

Lol - I didn't get it

So he didn't kill the guys in Madness Confabulation, and the three holes in his head were because he stabbed himself? =/ And he only watched the video?

What the... I'm confused. The plot is as abstract as Krinkels' =/

Well... my animation is trying to sudgest that he thinks that the video he's watching is a memory of something that happened rather than just being forced to watch a fake video of him gruesomely murdering people.
In reality I really meant to sudgest that that he didn't believe that the video actually happened but the video convinced him that he was a murderer and his imagination followed on with the video. The metal probe in his head stimulates siezures in his brain and makes his false memories become real to him. He stabs himself to end it. But the alien brings him back with powers. And thats when he gets angry.

Man... to put simply. He is having trouble destinguishing reality from his imagination and what they're trying to lead him to believe.

heya, nice flashes you got there, awesome. Don't see much Aussies here, especially ones that are awesome and successful, well.. g'day from Victoria, Melbourne.


Born there, man... born there.

Also, First fave artist. :D

Btw, Flaw on the new madness, when the alien brings him to life it shows the alien in the tube thingy, didnt he break the tube and let the alien go free? :P

I can see why it seems like that but actually they just took him out of the tube to do some experiment involving some kind of radiation on the alien or laser or whatever you want to believe. The Dr. destroys the laser and the scientists return the alien back to his tube filled with ebalming fluid or whatever. But if you're refering to what happens in confabulation when the alien breaks out of the tube, it's just the Dr.'s imagination.
I just realise I leave alot to the viewers imagination aswell... I guess if something is not explained I can choose different paths later.

haha, cool, Good luck with other projects mate.

sweet, great job

your first #1 award =D
here is hoping you get your first weekly award as well ^.^b

madness solipistic is fucking epic. its a discrace that its not in the madness day 08 collection. ):<

Dude this animation is FUCKIN EPIC!

I hope your next isn't your last :(...

Any idea when the next part cmes out?



you should have submitted it next weekend when fallen angel wasnt submitted :(

I lol'd.

lolk always happen. fucking spaces >:(.....

I got the first review lol.

Your flash was insanely awesome! Can't wait for the next part!

ah... what would the portal be without "HOT POKEMON XXX PORN" passing judgment....
god i love spam.

Ah cool - so basically he goes berserk because he can't differentiate reality from imagination. Wow, that's quite a plot.

*Makes mental note to plagurize, I MEAN, learn from you XD.

Lol, jokes aside - I have one more question. Why did Dr. Seruzies save the alien in the beginning of the animation? Did he feel that dissecting living organisms were evil and he pitied the alien so he spared him? If that's the case, then was he originally a good-hearted man gone berserk?

Oh, and did the alien SAVE Dr. Seruzies? Because that's what it looked like to me. I'm also assuming that his telepathic powers came from the alien. Maybe, but it's a theory that the alien dude decided to pay back Dr. Seruzies for sparing him that he decided to add powers so he could kill the dudes.

Or... the other much simpler and much more understanding theory is that, the alien brought Dr. Seruzies back to life to pay him back, and then gave him telepathic powers so he could use his "seizures" to kill everyone who abducted the alien so that the alien could get his own personal revenge.

Hmm... which theory is correct? Damn, the plot is giving me headaches... which is why I like it =D. I'll continue to vote 5 for it until the end of time... or at least until I get bored of doing so. XD

Well...you're extremely close with all of them... if not right.


Well... with my animation I am aware that I didn't explain everything, I do this so people can both use thier imaginations and so I can add and change whatever I'd like in the next part. For this reason the explaination I give now might be different from whats explained in part 2, but this was my original idea as to whats going on in part 1. Dr. Seruzies is repairing a broken laser as he is a jack of all trades in the area of science(what a dream boat, amiright?) once finishing he sees that the laser is used to zap some stapped down alien. He does not know the reason why they're going to zap the alien but knows that the laser will kill basically anything. He damages the laser in a hope of saving the alien and is locked up as all staff of this secret evil corperation have to be locked up for security if they ever decided to go against the company. They decide to drug him and use him for thier testing. In the animation it shows him having two seperate things done to him. The first is him getting a microchip in his brain that triggers seizures and basically just screws with his head at random. The second experiment is a tribute to A Clockwork Orange inwhich the ludavico technique isn't used to cause the subject to associate feeling bad and sick with violence but trying to confuse the subject with memory and the fictional videoclip of him slaughtering everyone. With these two experiments combined after inside his cell he goes nuts and decides to kill himself during a fit using his fork. This is when the alien repays the favour by bringing the Dr. back to life and also giving him a special power. He is half being controlled by the alien as the alien is using the doctor to kill off everyone in his way and save itself from captivity. He is both crazy and lacking some of his free will.
The rest is for part 2.

look at the top of the week theres a space in the the of parody rangers 1-2 its ranked 5

i love dr.sesher flashes they are like madness but moe cartoon and less
no plot and sweet good job

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