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When I'm dead this will all be very weird.

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He de-flowered my daughter's rose... what was I to do?

Oh man I can't wait for the holidays, so soon yet so far. I'll finally be able not to stress about getting shit in on time and just relax and play some video games

also... ARCUS!!!!!

so does this mean that your not going to make a sequel to your very epic madness tribute Madness-Solipsistic?

It means I don't know. I hope so...

Ha, man I totally see where your coming from at the moment (Bar the abusive relationship.)
Stuff happens, at some point you gotta reassess your priorities. Crap, Im going to uni next year. My animations are gonna be way in the backseat. They'l probably fight and whine at me that projects are getting into their personal space.
"SHUT THE FORK UP! OR ILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND PUT YOU BACK INTO THE HELL SPAWN THAT POPPED YOU OUT. Now how do I get out of this surrealist ramble without loosing my Anthropomorphic personifications!"

Woa. Holy crap. Sorry 'bought that.

I'm glad!

I swear every day one person at school asks why a new Just a Pilot episode is out as if we have no lifes

Alec... you don't have a life...

only if I got Holly there could be a chance of a life...

you mean BC

Whoa, sounds like me.
When I had my exams on, I was on Newgrounds, instead of studying :\

But I'm on holidays now, so I don't have to worry about that anymore :D
Until year twelve that is...
Have you done your exams yet, of what?
Because don't they need to be done by a certain date for like, SACE and stuff?
Anyway, good luck if you haven't done them already, and good luck with your priorities!

I had my practice exams inwhich we have exam conditions for normal tests on everything... I fluked most of them. I need to buckle down next year because I'm a retard in real life.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm doing Chinese and IT for some reason, and I fucking suck at both of them! IT doesn't even go near flash!

Eh, don't worry about your exams too much.
I'm in a pretty dumb maths class. Not the dumbest, but dumb nonetheless, and no one failed it. And I have some absolute retards in my class.

And about your other subjects, I don't really know what you're doing, but... just study for them. That's all I can say.
In fact, for all my exams, I just did last minute cramming until about 1:00, drank a couple of V's, and I passed them!
If the english exam is the same for the whole of South Australia, then you'll pass. It's easy as.

Yeah I have a while until its final crunch time sort of exams but I need to do as good as I can... to sound cleshe... Because it's pretty easy to just glide through the education system doing jack shit, only change now is its starting to matter.

Dude, I feel your pain. I've got like friggen 7 projects due on Monday.
I have 5 done.
Best wishes,

I also have to get healthier...

So the crazy shocking monkies are poking at you with thier evil fingers of deadline evulnez
and the holy hell i have no car and no monies bug got to you
well i tell you what
now you know how i feel XD
i used to have a web comic and i used to update every day
and after months of updating every day made me realise
why ?
i got papers to write, work to do, projects to complete, @_@
^.^b best wishes and hope you get your life on track

Im almost done with a second script XD
this one is more retarded than the first one
i normally would say i dont know what i was on/ or what was i smoking/ but i know exactly what i was doing XD HA HA HA

kudos and shit ^.^b

Can you do voices?

Why yes i can do voices

i can do mexican voice
ghetto black voice
texan redneck voice
i can iminate australia to =D
im all aboot going ehhh mate that dingo is eating your BEH BEH
'-' yeah

We'll consider that!