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When I'm dead this will all be very weird.

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I dream in color and I have the ability to control my actions...

Dreams are like a video game starring me :)

When I part way wake up I realise I've been dreaming, from there on I can control my entire dream up until moments after forgetting I was dreaming...

I dont even have dreams anymore, shit sucks :(

I only get dreams every now and then because I only sleep every now and then.

Dreaming in colour all the way...............................

Shut your competitive trap hole.

I dream in colour, though I can recall having alot of dreams that aren't very colourful, but then I can recall having some extremely colourful dreams

Oh and I've had some of those dreams where people I know get killed, they are the dreams that can fuck with me

You suck my dick in colour.

Don't have many dreams, but the ones I do have are like movies. High quality and in color but no control over WTF happens. Hope that helps.

I'm cured

I don't think many people dream in black and white, I remember all of my dreams in vivid colours, but i cant remember which colours they actually are. Realistic dreams are the ones that make you feel eerie all day and affect you the most.

Although sometimes the realistic fucked up ones put me in a good mood all day, because I'm glad they were JUST dreams for the whole day...
I think it's like 12 percent of the population have dreams in black and white...

My dreams are definitely in colour. I hadn't had any in ages, but a week ago when I started reading a book on storyboarding they started coming back

You mean black and white dreams came back? If so... why'd they go a way?

imagine your dreams, but in colour. thats what its like.


Wet Dreams. IN COLOUR!!!

Wet dreams, with english subtitles.

a huge majority of people who watch tv in black and white also dream in black and white... I think it's because psychologically their brain interprets dreams as shows.

I use to fall asleep watching old black and white trash at my grandma's house when I was little...

nope, I'd had no dreams at all, then they returned. Never in black and white, except sometimes I have them with old hitchcock style movie themes.

I get dead patches now and then...

I've read a little about dreams. Usually people dream in coour but can only remember it in black and white. I dont' get it I enver remeber dreams in black and white.

You sound like an educated idiot my friend


I wear 3D glasses to bed for the rush.

i dream in colour but i have nightmares in black and white. i think its because most of your weird freaky death dreams are at night and your body can control the contrast to see colour at night without trinyg to do it so it ends up colourless

I reckon that's got a fair chance at being the reason, my good chum

Girls? This post seems full of sausage.

Like my mouth. I AM A HOMOH SEXUAL

i can control my dreams when i am like halfway awake. pretty wierd.

When I part way wake up I realise I've been dreaming, from there on I can control my entire dream up until moments after forgetting I was dreaming...

sounds good

Thanks, doll

cant fuckin wait bra

I wear a bra

This is a little irrelevant but, thank you for the idea!

I might end up using it.

-Goes to look at your animations cause she got curious-


what happened to madness silopstic 2

heheh, kids...