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Construction of zombie episode.

Posted by Alienslushie - May 3rd, 2008

Once you read this PLEASE comment... I hardly get any.
Anyway... The construction of the episode has been sadly CRIPPLED... by an unknown sickness created by Party Boy Corey just to screw us over. God, I don't know why that guy is even famous... he's just some fucktard who had a mediocre party then wound up on today tonight. What was I saying? Oh yeah... the episode isn't progressing as fast as it would because of a few reasons, the biggest reason being all the sound ports on my computer (and microphone) have fried. I'm getting them repaired soon and probably will get a new computer some time soon... probably a laptop. I'm also working really hard to create every single just a pilot character shown so far (and new ones, which comes to about 50) as zombies. If that weren't enough I am making an AWESOME loading screen that has all the characters in it doing various things that you can go through. Won't say too much about that but the image underneath will show what it will look like. I'm also making a sequel to the short cartoon at the ending on episode 2 (Stuck in the Wockel with you) called "FUCK EVERYONE ELSE". It will include Nick Wockel in a music video that will be at the end of the zombie episode with the credits rolling over it. I am half way through completing this. I have also completed creating the start of scene one, and the little opening scene before the credits that may or may not be FUCKING HILARIOUS!
Nobody will even bother reading this... so heres some pictures.

Construction of zombie episode.

Comments (5)

Looks good!

Then the allusion is complete.

Looking gooooood Chris, and you got that thing at the top, looking snazzy

Since I've been away for a while your gonna need to fill me in on all the updates

I'll do a banner for you if you want... maybe of eyebrows with different expressions...
Alright, well... when I can I'll send you the pre-loader (almost halfway done) and after that I'm gonna go through and create all of them as zombies using the preloader as a list... Thats all I've pretty much done... been working on the preloader.

Nah I thought about trying to make my own... though when I fail at making one you can make me one

Wow this is looking great guys! Sucks that it is gonna take a while before it comes out though =(.

By the way what kind of microphone do you guys use? Sometimes your sound is a bit fuzzy.

Got I new mike... its seems to work better... But I generally can't tell. Sound quality isn't a major priority to me... but I'm trying to make it one.
Thanks for responding

the load screen was put to good use
nice wokel nice