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Fucking check this guy out now! NOW!

Posted by Alienslushie - January 11th, 2009

Have a listen to this guysphat jamz.
He's got some really awesome songs and stuff and is a good friend of mine.
He generaly makes techno, house and drum and base songs of highhh quality and is very under rated.
I'm trying to get his name out because I want to hear all his awesome submissions in new animations as I can see them fitting well in alot of different animations.

On a side note-
I'm drawing a picture... this is what it looks like so far...
It's not some preview for a new animation or some shit so don't get excited, its just a version of Left4Dead with my friends in it...

Fucking check this guy out now! NOW!

Comments (18)

That's pretty bitchen! the picture makes me want to play that game...

Maybe Valve should be paying me...

he's good but i personaly prefer rave or something fast, anyway it'll be a really good soundtrack for your flash submitions and duuuuudeeeee don't give up this madness thing about the doctor? it was great. one of the finest animations i've ever seen and it has freaky stoty. you should make a big series but with some fresh ideas because madness is starting to get repetitive, you however are moving in teh right way... and yeah the picture is pretty good

Well I'm really flattered... but I can't even animate right now cause my mouse is FUUUUUCKED and I'm thinking I'll do something every madness day... cause I really don't like plagerism... even if its lawful... my part two will happen... I just don't have alot of time for it...

Thats based on Left4Dead? I thought it was a typical day in Adelaide

Typical day in salisbury.

anyway good luck))))

Good luck? wut wut?

So u play Left 4 Dead on Pc or console? like if u own it on pc, we could have a game =) (if ur interested drop me a PM but im unavaiable to play for a few weeks, been quite busy latelly)

Sorry man, I play it on Xbox at my friends place.

man i want l4d soo bad.Nice Pic Slushie.

thanks system

i meant that you're fucked up soo you need luck))

Oh right... hahaha...

if you were in a bus full of gays, would you get off?

Nope, I got no problem with gays.

it's an old bash.org quote:

<klockwerk> If you were on a bus full of gay guys would you get off?
<cornelius> yeah
<cornelius> wait... no
<cornelius> shit

Oh right, hahahah. Reminds me of something my friend would say when I questioned her sexuality about being straight...

... man, that sentence isn't easy enough to interprate....

you shoud visit this site, there are many funny quotes and you can use some ideas for your pilot shorts. i really liked the third one and about coffeine)))

Thanks man, I'll look into that... been a bit tied up lately.

I wish litteraly...

yeah sometimes life sucks too hard... anyway try to do some good voice acting maybe you need a bett0r mic.. your pilots are hilarious and really well-animated but you needto work teh sound out

Yeah seeing what I can do...

and about truly awesome 3D animation watch this stick fight <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/430990">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /430990</a>

Yeah that's probably one of the best stick figure animations I've seen... I'm not too into stick animations.

i just wanted you to see the animation and graphics maybe when everything is alright you can do some collaborative project whith that animator anyway it was just a cool aaaaand you've difinetly seen &quot;Waterlollies&quot; it was probably teh most pwning flash in teh terms of graphics...never could understand how you flashers do such things.....and i wanted to ask you about your third pilot why there are &quot;KKK&quot; dudes in the bus?)))

Oh I just wanted to have an increasing amount of badness around him... so I thought... having an increasing amount of KKK on your bus would be gradually worse and worse.

kinda weird if you ask mea but it have some logic... and why the doctor in the end had globes near the head??

wait i got it, it's just upside down))

hahaha yeah...

the preloader stomping tank was awesome too))

Obama = Hitler

McCain= Good man, but republicans can get fucked...

hey chris, i found a new site, i'm currently a mod there...anyway teh it's pretty raw and we need good guys that can help to bring it up&lt; soo i thought that you know flash&lt; photoshop etc.. and you can help us from time to time. you can register through teh chat <a href="http://www.aisodar.com/chat/">http://www.aisodar.com/chat/</a> thanks anyway