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Potential production...

Posted by Alienslushie - January 22nd, 2009

As... anyone who likes anything I do knows I've got a few things under production...

But as we all know I haven't really any proof of things being produced at all... I think this is because the things I'm trying to make I want to be of my best potential... but I can't devote my time to one thing without another thing being adressed. It's become a bit of a vicious cycle.

Heres the thing... I'm making something called "Space Action" which I've mentioned before... I don't want to be bothered about it but it's going to be good. I'm gonna be working on that alone and everything else can wait until that's done.

Once that's done, My friends and I have been talking about making a youtube show inwhich my friends host and show a veriety of things such as pranks and generaly host the show with heavy comedy. My animation series "Space Action"s first episode will be in the show and we'll work it into the show, probably as something we're watching on TV. We will also probably redux the first episode of just a pilot without copyright materal and put it on this show as a regular thing. Also, If our friends bands wants we will have them playing in the credits or something aswell.

It's one motherfucker of a project... But once space actions done this will be my next primary goal...
I'd like to know what people think, knowing that even if I don't do this you're still going to be waiting along tim before I submit anything else...

Also, Here's the final copy of my drawing...

Potential production...

Comments (18)

But what about the zombie episode

I should have mentioned that thats coming out later today, ey...

It be a bit of a wait but i can manage. But, thats just me.

Good to hear man.

It better be cooler than Chuck Norris or else I aint waiting lol.

Chuck Norris will be hard to beat.

crazy as fuck


Man, all those zombies get to eat people and I dont!


People taste like good pork...

I want you to complete waste your life to animate madness.

I'm half glad to hear that half hurt... but thanks!

i agree with the guy above but everything you do is really neat so i think you gotta do what you want)

aand i know that you don't have time n stuff but are you draw good pictures and i really need someone like you to draw a flametrooper ( <a href="http://www.aisodar.com/forum/topic.php?id=328">http://www.aisodar.com/forum/topic.ph p?id=328</a> ), it won't take much time..PM me if you can do it

*my english is sooo fucked up...*

Interesting drawing there.
So wait the zombie episode is going to be delayed again XD

What of space action i thought you were putting that on the backburner.
Man you change your mind alot XD
you must have the ADD ,ADHD, or the lesser known ADID
well good luck on whatever yah do yo

I would not be surprised if I had ADHD

Good luck on the Tank award, BRING IT HOME!

I really don't want my submission to win that.


Brain grenade!

When is the next Madness Solipsistic?

tomorrow at 12:00

Glad to see you're still making stuff! As you're one of my favorite artists on the site, it would be my pleasure to become addicted to any series you'd be making (the good ones of course).

Space Action sounds cool, and nice pictures of the zombie (albeit too much blood, but the facial expressions made me lol).

Still watching for any updates on Madness Sol. II, but I guess I can wait if you divert my attention on something else that's cool.

Keep it up. I'll be rooting for ya! Along with the other 2.5 million fans of yours.

Looking forward to your next work,

Hahaha thanks man, I'm glad to hear you think that.
I recently got glasses and can now see things now which may help...

you got glasses
does that mean you can see how much things suck =D

I suddenly think the world is beutiful and everyone has terrible skin...

when i got glasses back in high school
i went outside and went OMG the trees are so green omg the sky kicks ass
holy crap being able to see rocks
then i went to school
alot of girls suddenly got less atractive
alot of my friends i didnt readilly recognise
and my ugly teachers went from ugly to OMG WTF someone KILL IT its a MONSTER oh its just miss parker

Exactly what's happening to me...

''The Darkness'' is a great game...

OMG The third guy is a zombie! :o

i can't wait!
i like the picture!