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I won't lie, you're not the best animator around... but I'm really starting to like your style... and that's something coming from me.
You're regular stupid humor can sometimes be a breath of fresh air... or city air at least.


Oney responds:

fuck i mean im not actually trying lol. i mustve used a million of those little animation cheats in this. i'm not gonna waste months on something that i made to make people laugh

I liked it.

It was corny... the characters were stick figures and the joke was pathetic... but the combined force of all that made it strangely likable. On the constructive side I think that you need to aim a little higher because you clearly have skills in animation and creating a humerous plot.

side note: I know I guy called Rohan with his named spelled the same way...

midimachine responds:

Thanks dude :)

My name rules.


Your animation skills just get better and better no matter how amazing they become. Fuck me, the freeking shading in this was ridiculously good... the shadows and whatnot were just perfecto. Your animation and movement was smooth and believable. I could not see how this could be improved but I know you're only going to make even better animations to come.

You're not slowing down are you... Jesus.

chluaid responds:

thanks dude :D
There's a few things I could change about the animation but I think the dark colour character palette and high contrast lighting gave this a nice sparkle.


Nobody wants to hear anything about runescape... the animation could be done on powerpoint and lastly, you're name is spelled wrong.

iamrunegecko responds:



I don't think this will ever stop being funny. You know this is the best thing you've done by far. The things that made me laugh the most was the slow mo punch and the whole ending with the crack in the nuts. My little boys growing up so fast!
Don't worry about the easter egg!

Oney responds:


I didn't mind it...

I don't really like the way you used so many cleshe recorded coversation sort of jokes. It didn't seem real to me at all. I get that it was scripted but it was obvious. I give this 8 because some of the jokes where quite good, I guess it was a bit hit and miss in my books. The animation was mede-ocre but I think it worked well with the feel of the animation.
This animation wasn't the best quality but it had a nice style to it.
On to see what other things you've done!

Deathwiller responds:

How did you find this animation? It didnt seem cleshe' to me... Twas really that obvious? Anyway thx for review

Why do I love everything you do so much?

I just love you're style man. It was freeky and quirky, which gives it a stylish apearance and adds entertainment value. The way you animate is the soul of your cartoons, so I hope your animations always look and feel the way they do know.
Just the discusting apearance of the characters is awesome. It's better than the generic styles you get out of most people.
Fucking awesome. On a side note, I didn't really see any plot. But some animations don't need one.

UnderARock responds:

thanks man, yeah this kinda lacked a real plot, it was more about building up to the scare I guess hopefully my next will be more understandable

THAT WAS funny.

I liked the whole inocence of it. It was good how it sounded like you were just telling the story to me in person. And the animation reflected this.

GAMEGOBLIN responds:

Exactly what I was going for. I didn't want to narrate an animation, I wanted to tell a personal memory of mine.

glad someone caught on ;)


I would like to complain about this as a "competitor" in the madness day competition but I honestly could never do that. This was amazing. It was artistic, well-animated and amazing to watch. I just liked the way it seemed like sketched concept art. The violence in it was good. Very good.
You've got talent in your scrotum.

MindChamber responds:

just for the record I'm not eligible for the prizes, I only did this because Im a fan.

and I loved your piece btw, it was really fun

Should....probably be front page.

Why isn't it?
I really like you're style of humor... I like to believe its common for australians to like or use this style... But thats just what I've noticed. I also like the simplicity yet well-flowed animation. Stylized.
I hope people vote five on this.

Cambo responds:

I'm glad you like it mate, it's honestly not a big deal that this didn't get too much attention, I never considered my stuff to be particularly mainstream anyway.

When I'm dead this will all be very weird.

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