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Preview my animation!

2015-08-25 11:04:17 by Alienslushie

Please watch and give me some ideas, criticisms etc.

True friends...

2015-06-11 23:34:48 by Alienslushie

one question...2256078_143408007962_image.jpg



New pikachu parody

2015-05-22 01:42:05 by Alienslushie

I've started taking anti-depressants 

It was a bad move.

I think the older I get the more I hate living, which is good because eventually I'm gonna die.

Welcome to Newgrounds!

2015-05-02 00:19:21 by Alienslushie

I submitted it too late for the compilation video Real Faction that you should all get wet for...

If I could turn back time 
If I could find a way.... I'd take back those words that hurt you and you'd stay

Hey gang, get off your game-pro 4 and try sex, tell them CG sent you 

What is gluten?

2015-03-10 19:02:28 by Alienslushie

2256078_142602860853_image.jpgWhy don't I need it?

What do you want to see?

2015-02-02 05:14:02 by Alienslushie

I really want to what people are looking for in an animation.