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Wow, some really good use of obscure effects and transitions. It was short and sharp, left you longing for more although lacked tediousness which might of been in direct relation. The character design was apealing.

To the review by Arcalov5, (Who I'm sure new Michael Jackson personally) I'm not sure how doing self harm by drugs and being ACCUSED of raping little boys means you deserve death AND eternal damnation in the fires of hell. Review the ANIMATION stupid.

AMERICUH, FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, this is the greatest animation on earth,
I especially liked the way you portrayed the korean guy to be ugly looking, grotesc and evil, much like all koreans.
And, I'm glad SOMEBODY is convincing everyone that the likelyhood of korea ever hurting a fly is almost as slim as black women getting the right to vote.
But, that all said, we must remember that america IS the greatest country in the world and WILL crush anyone who dare apose it, as it is perfection.
I hope it remains the super power as it is the hero and I all other countrys no matter what the war, arguement or disagreement will always be the heroin.

God bless our rampant, easily angered, vengeful turf.


I gotta say... my god, I hate that sound and the way heath ledger as the joker felt the need to do it as often as possible.

Fuck hahaha

I liked the push up of the glasses from kevin rudd before he went ape shit.
It seemed to have an element of accuracy to it that bothered me.


I remember watching that guys videos a while back... he pissed me off.
Hence ten.

Oney responds:

if you're an australian ill touch ur bum

I'm sorry Scott...

I enjoyed the animation, as a cold hearted athiest who says "what seems most logically proven is what I believe" and the only thing I'm sure of is that this is that THIS sentence is the only thing I'm sure of. (There's a peice of philosophical shit right there) I think that the animation is a funny look at religion.

People seem to think this is an animations AGAINST religion, but I see this as more of an animation pointing out some of the flawed things people choose to believe about religion... this being the case you must also consider that there is some grotesc actions taken by a religious figure that were completely undignified in this animation, but that's part of the shock satire of the animation... its SUPPOSE to shock and somewhat offend you, and because of that you shouldn't take it seriously.

If you can't be bothered reading this all and want a quick summery, to those giving this a low rating purely out of offence, lighten up! It's not a direct attack on religion, it just raises some issues about what people choose to believe about catholism. DON'T BE A PRICK.

Slackman responds:

Well put. As stated, this is not an animation against religion, but rather it's against the more oppressive, hateful and hypocritical elements that have spawned from religion. Hate in the name of religion is still hate.

I'm glad you got it!

Hahaha that's awesome

I love seeing good quality 3D stuff on newgrounds... adds veriety.

hahah I like

pretty bdass work man. Found it funny and informative.

Ah, I'm liking this one!

I like the fact that you had two new characters on Hank's side... and the whole idea of Hank being dragged along through half the thing as a corpse. That was an interesting idea to me. I was getting sick of hank gathering more and more injuries and was happy to see him regenerated although I found it a little strange.
That black shadow guy is one hell of a character and I can't get enough of him.
Itching for the next, but don't bother rushing for fans like myself. Take your time.

Yeah yeah yeah...

... nothing new or interesting...
Just a bunch of jokes straight off the internet or just the sort of pay outs we were all waiting for somebody to use in an animation. The animation itself was fairly clean, but nothing amazing, it was boarderline bad animation. I watched this once and found it hard to laugh I watched it the second time and found it hard to watch.

It's not terrible, but definatly over-rated.

When I'm dead this will all be very weird.

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