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I didn't mind it...

I don't really like the way you used so many cleshe recorded coversation sort of jokes. It didn't seem real to me at all. I get that it was scripted but it was obvious. I give this 8 because some of the jokes where quite good, I guess it was a bit hit and miss in my books. The animation was mede-ocre but I think it worked well with the feel of the animation.
This animation wasn't the best quality but it had a nice style to it.
On to see what other things you've done!

Deathwiller responds:

How did you find this animation? It didnt seem cleshe' to me... Twas really that obvious? Anyway thx for review

Why do I love everything you do so much?

I just love you're style man. It was freeky and quirky, which gives it a stylish apearance and adds entertainment value. The way you animate is the soul of your cartoons, so I hope your animations always look and feel the way they do know.
Just the discusting apearance of the characters is awesome. It's better than the generic styles you get out of most people.
Fucking awesome. On a side note, I didn't really see any plot. But some animations don't need one.

UnderARock responds:

thanks man, yeah this kinda lacked a real plot, it was more about building up to the scare I guess hopefully my next will be more understandable

I really liked it...

From the gif image I was given really high standards... I think because it just really apealed to my taste. The submission did not let me down whatso ever. I really liked the way you got a really good song (Its less common than you think) and made a film clip that did it justice. I'm not going to say it needed to be longer because it didn't, but I will say you could have made that video as long as you wanted because I know I wouldn't have gotten bored with it. Or maybe the fact that it was short and clean prevented bordom? Either way this is getting 5/5 and 10/10

I have very little knolage of what I just saw.

I really like every animation you do. This was a different style to your usual stuff but was still recognisably your work. I found it entertaining and it sparked thoughts in my head which is something I like about your animation. I like to see you do something less sinister but if you didn't it wouldn't bother me.


I trebuchet is cooler. I liked the style you used. There's not much more I can say about this animation. I guess I'll just say that I myself think it would make a great series.

10 for whats there..

What I saw in that 4 seconds or so was awesome. But its got me upset because I would love to see a movie carry on with that quality.



THAT WAS funny.

I liked the whole inocence of it. It was good how it sounded like you were just telling the story to me in person. And the animation reflected this.

GAMEGOBLIN responds:

Exactly what I was going for. I didn't want to narrate an animation, I wanted to tell a personal memory of mine.

glad someone caught on ;)


I would like to complain about this as a "competitor" in the madness day competition but I honestly could never do that. This was amazing. It was artistic, well-animated and amazing to watch. I just liked the way it seemed like sketched concept art. The violence in it was good. Very good.
You've got talent in your scrotum.

MindChamber responds:

just for the record I'm not eligible for the prizes, I only did this because Im a fan.

and I loved your piece btw, it was really fun


I really like "Dawn of the Dead" and Madness... so its a good combination. You did it justice. It was really entertaining and had a good story to it.
I will give you some constructive critisizm because I thought it was good but I was let down a bit by some things-
It was slightly slow paced: Although I guess it helped bring the story to life.
The zombies looked strange: I didn't really get the zombie feel from the zombies to me they looked kind of like old people I hate to say.
Other than it was pretty much perfect.

I like what you did with madness.

When I'm dead this will all be very weird.

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