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Your animation skills just get better and better no matter how amazing they become. Fuck me, the freeking shading in this was ridiculously good... the shadows and whatnot were just perfecto. Your animation and movement was smooth and believable. I could not see how this could be improved but I know you're only going to make even better animations to come.

You're not slowing down are you... Jesus.

chluaid responds:

thanks dude :D
There's a few things I could change about the animation but I think the dark colour character palette and high contrast lighting gave this a nice sparkle.


Not too bad! I don't think it was too entertaining to be honest. But I liked the whole camera change... thats all i can really say.

Not baf for a first submission.


I like the suttle humor that leaves you to laugh at it rather than shoving it in your face and telling you THIS IS YOUR QUE TO LAUGH. I assume most idiots wouldn't know when to laugh at this.

The animation was simple and smooth... and yet the character design was complexe. I guess thats what gave this movie such a good apearance.

Can't wait for more stuff... and I'm gonna watch all your other stuff...

Why couldn't this be some other country?

You get your 7 star rating for the animation itself. However... good god... was that suppose to be funny? The voice acting was terrible and did nothing to give the lines humor. It just sounded like some boring monotone from some guy not being payed enough. On a nice note the animation was good in parts... unique. If the movie was as good quality as the animation it would have been an easy 10.
I love the fact that even australians portray australia in a distortered manor that in no way relates to australians or the country itself.

I hope to see more animations from you. Your clearly a good animator but need to work on everything else.


Nobody wants to hear anything about runescape... the animation could be done on powerpoint and lastly, you're name is spelled wrong.

iamrunegecko responds:



IT IS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER! I really liked the animation of this as usual... you screwed around much than usual which I liked... but (as a my only negative) the black whole sucking the whole earth up was a tad shotty. Besides that.... Fuck yeah...

Just throwing this out there, I really do believe that the hadron collider is ONE of the biggest advancements in human history...

Hahahah, I remember this!

This was probably the funniest clip from cops I've ever seen.
I think in the end something along the lines of him meeting up with other dwarves in some kind of circus show or something. I remember something like that but I'm probably way off. Ok... so the clip was good... you didn't do that... but the animation was awesome. I like the way he just switched into super saiyan... adding you're little own thing into just an animated version of the end.


I loved it.

I liked the idea of such a simple character becoming a complex disturbing crab like beast. Just overall well done.


I don't think this will ever stop being funny. You know this is the best thing you've done by far. The things that made me laugh the most was the slow mo punch and the whole ending with the crack in the nuts. My little boys growing up so fast!
Don't worry about the easter egg!

Oney responds:


I really liked that.

I got nothing out of it. I'm not sure what I'm suppose to think. I really liked the animation itself along with the plot and overall creepyness. I actually thought it was rather heart warming, although morbid. Happy to see you've still got it.
Was there a message? Thing suppose to represent things?

When I'm dead this will all be very weird.

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